In land where 80% of the economy is agrarian, farm mechanism is the key driver for agricultural growth. Simpsons is a pioneer in introducing diesel engines in 1960 for farm mechanisation in India and since then it has played a key role in helping the customers till the soil and haul there produce for 6 decades now.

Right from starting, work will be round the clock till the crop is safely taken care of and there is no room for standstills or breakdowns.

That’s why Simpsons Agricultural engines are designed and built for the highest demands on durability, giving a long service life and unbeatable uptime. All engines are  service-friendly and parts are available easily.

Simpsons produces a wide range of engines from 8-100.5 hp , offering

  • versatile solutions to meet the needs of the agricultural market
  • Best cost benefit ratio with low life cycle cost due to low fuel consumption
  • Low Maintenance cost and great performance
  • Guarantee high productivity

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