The SJ series engines are the improved version of the 4-cylinder"S" series engine. This direct injection engine has features like engine timing set through gears and offered with both Class "A" & "B" governing. Oil supply is through internally drilled passages and leakage eliminated by single piece lip/cassette type seal. This engine meets current emission norms and can be offered with Rotary and Turbo Charger. This is also a fuel efficient engine with a longer operational life.
Series SJ Series Capacity 67 - 80 bhp
Type/Configuration Vertical in-line Bore & Stroke 95 / 127mm
No of cylinders 4 Displacement 3600 cc
Compression ratio 18.3:1 Cycle 4 stroke
Rotation Clockwise (viewed from front) Aspiration TC / TCIC
Combustion system Direct injection Fuel pump VE Rotary
Governing Mechanical Engine starting system Electrical
Cooling system Water Electrical system 12 volts
Flywheel housing SAE 1 or SAE 3 Flywheel Can be made to suit application
Emission TIIIA, BSIII CEV, EU Stage IIIA Weight (Bare engine) 270 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) Bare engine 696 x539 x 797 mm

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