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SIMPSONS-Dependable diesel power and proven performer since 1955 meeting the diverse needs of customers. Simpsons engines are offered in 5 major platforms - 'SC' Compact Series, 'S' Series, 'SJ' Series, 'SJV' CRDE series and 'S440' Series.

Simpsons offers tailor made solutions to Customers which are ready to fit as it can be directly assembled to mating part - clutch, transmission, any other driven accessories of equipment.

Simpsons products are proven versatility in Agricultural - Tractors, Harvesters , Industrial - Earth Moving, Material Handling, Construction, Stationary - Genset, Compressors, Welding Sets, Pumps, Marine - Propulsion, Marine Gensets (Specific models are IRS approved.

Simpsons products are ranging from 10 - 100.5 HP in single, two, three and four cylinder version meeting domestic and global emission norms. Currently 2.5 million engines are operating in the market and Simpsons ensures total cost of ownership.

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