About Us

The story of Simpsons dates back to 1840. A Scotsman by name Mr Simpson foreseeing the potential for developing India as a major centre for building coaches and carriages established the company. With a past marked by a rare display of responding and meeting the needs of the consumers, Simpsons took the same role in the changing industrial environment of post-independent India and ushered in the diesel era in 1951. Through an agreement with Perkins Ltd., Peterborough, UK, Simpsons took up the sale and distribution of Perkins diesel engines and in 1955 became the first Indian company to indigenously manufacture diesel engines for surface transport vehicles. It also became the first company in India to revolutionize farm mechanisation.

The company took constant efforts to enhance its presence in all spheres of industrial activity. Planned investment in research and development, quality assurance programmes and production have enabled the company to stand the test of time. The pervading philosophy at Simpsons that is sure to propel the company into the forefront to meet the never-receding demand for diesel power.

Simpsons today is a leading manufacturer of high performance diesel engines and is the preferred choice in the 10 – 100.5 hp range for agricultural, industrial, power generation and marine applications.

Simpsons is a unit company of Amalgamations Group involved in manufacturing, trading & services, plantations having 46 companies and 52 manufacturing plants. Core values of the Group are deep commitment, self -belief, mutual trust and enduring relationship.