Simpson & Co was founded in 1840 by Mr A.M. Simpson & Mr Hide to engage in a business in “coach-building, harness and boot making” and emerged as the leading coach manufacturing outfit in India, even being appointed as the Coach Manufacturer to the Price of Wales in 1876.

In the first decade of the 20th century, Simpson entered the “motor car business”, by building bodies on car chassis for manufacturers such as Rolls Royce, Hotchkiss and Napier. This led to body building for passenger and public utility vehicles such as buses and ambulances. This business grew to such an extent that the main business of Simpson & Co at one point was the building of bus bodies, tractors, bowsers and articulated tank trailers.

Simpson & Co had many firsts during this period

  • The first hydraulic operated passenger ladder built for Air India in 1953
  • The first sandwich type dumper body and cab for Leyland Comet
  • All metal luxury bus body for Leyland in 1958
  • Air Conditioned coach body in collaboration with Leyland
  • The first company to indigenously manufacture diesel engines in India
  • The first company to revolutionize farm mechanisation in India

Simpsons today supplies engines for over 200 applications catering to the domestic as well as export markets.