Company History

From Coaches to Engines – Engineering change for 175 years. From crafting horse-drawn carriages, to pioneering motorized transportation, to manufacturing diesel engines sought after for vehicular, agricultural, industrial, genset and marine applications .The seeds of the company were sown in with one man's vision for a prosperous industrialized India – Shri S Anantharamakrishnan or “J” as he was fondly known, who nurtured a dream to develop the city of Madras into the “Detroit of India”. He generated the momentum for the dieselisation of the Indian transport intrustry and continues to inspire and motive the Company and the Amalgamations Group that has gone from strength to strength. That, in a nutshell, is the saga of Simpsons. From a company of artisans to a prime mover of industry.

Preferred choice from 10 to 100.5 hp